Cartmel Surgery

CARTMEL SURGERY is finalising plans for the Covid-19 vaccination of their patients.  Due to the complexities of handling and giving the vaccine, the surgery is developing a programme with the Nutwood surgery in Grange.  It is expected that priority patients will start to receive their first vaccinations late in the first week or in the second week of January.  It is intended that patients with mobile numbers be sent texts telling them how to book vaccination appointments.  Patients without mobiles will be contacted on their landline to make arrangements.

The first wave will be for patients who are over 80 who will be allocated two appointments 21 days apart to receive the first and booster doses.  Housebound patients will be asked if they can get a relative or friend to bring them to the vaccination centre to help with the delivery programme.  Arrangements for the vaccination of other priority patients will be prepared and individuals notified at the earliest opportunity.  Patients should be notified when their turn for vaccination is due and are urged not to contact the surgery about vaccinations as this will disrupt medical care for other patients.  This vaccine cannot be given to patients who suffer from allergic reactions requiring Epipen treatment or who have face or tongue swelling.