What is CARTNET?

CARTNET is being established to coordinate local support for residents of Cartmel and its outlying areas during the Covid-19 pandemic and as a means of us all keeping in touch. We’ve divided the village into small areas, each of which will have someone to be a point of contact who we’re calling a Focal Point (FP). This will almost certainly be a neighbour or someone you already know.

CARTNET is entirely optional but aims to keep us all informed about what’s happening in the village as regards medical issues, shopping and other important matters. We’ll do this through this website, emails, telephone and, for people without internet access, with printed newsletters. Any face to face contact will fully adhere to self-distancing restrictions and we’ll avoid any physical contact except in emergencies or other special circumstances.

CARTNET will be able to provide assistance for residents who are self-isolating or self-distancing. It will have links with the Surgery and local traders and will be able to advise on ordering and deliveries.

How do you make use of CARTNET?

If you’d like to register with CARTNET please contact Ewen Cameron on 07929 833528 or email and give him the following information:

•  A Contact Name for the household.
•  A telephone number(s) and an email address (where appropriate).
•  The number of residents in the house and whether there are senior or vulnerable adults or children.
•  Whether your household is currently is self-distancing or self-isolating

You’ll be able to contact your FP for any information or assistance that you might not be able to get by other means and if you are having to self-distance or self-isolate, your FP will be able to act as a regular point of contact.

What Will Happen in the Future?

Nobody knows how long the Covid-19 emergency is going to last or what further control measures will be required but it certainly appears that restrictions will last for several months. We’ll adapt CARTNET as the situation demands so that we can all look after each other.