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Conservation Management Plan

In 2013, as part of its action plan, the Society agreed that it would help prepare a Conservation Management Plan in conjunction with South Lakeland District Council. A team of six was set up to undertake the necessary work of visiting some 234 properties which included tombstones, letter boxes, lamp posts and guide stones in the Conservation Area to carry out an audit of the external physical condition of each property. Photographs were taken of the front elevation of each property.

The team completed their work in June 2015 pending further action by the Conservation Officer of the District Council. Unfortunately, due to funding cut backs further work on the plan was delayed until 2019 when the Village Society co-ordinated further work input to complete the Plan.

District council financial constraints continue and there is no agreed timetable for the formal adoption of the plan by the council. In the meantime changes continue to be made to properties in the conservation area without the protection of a Conservation Area Management Plan.