Household advice for COVID-19

KEEP YOUR HOME PROPERLY ISOLATED  The Government has advised you to stay at home to avoid catching the Covid-19 virus from other people. You must remain in your home with only the other members of your household and not invite visitors in – not even close relatives.  If anyone does visit, do not let them into the house and keep at least 2 metres (6 feet) distance from them.  Keep any conversation as short as possible – the longer it goes on the greater risk of infection.

EMERGENCY OR NECESSARY VISITORS  You might have to allow someone into the house in an emergency, or for essential care or repairs.  Maintain your distance if possible and keep the visit as short as possible.

NECESSARY EXCURSIONS OUT OF THE HOUSE  As long as you are not showing Covid-19 symptoms (temperature and a persistent cough) or have underlying medical conditions, you are allowed to go out once a day for exercise (only with other household members) or to buy essential supplies.  Keep your distance from people other than your household members.  Avoid touching your mouth or eyes whilst out and wash your hands thoroughly on return to your house.

ITEMS DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSE  There should be no risk of infection from items delivered to your house.  These will include grocery and milk deliveries, newspapers and the post.  However, it does no harm to wash your hands thoroughly after handling these items.

CLEANING  Normal household cleaning materials are effective against the Covid-19 virus.  Washing your hands regularly and thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) with soap and water is better than with other hand and hygiene products.

ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE  Regularly updated local information is available from the CARTNET Covid-19 support pages on the website.  If you cannot access the internet or require additional advice or assistance, contact Ewen Cameron at or 07929 833528.