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Your Cartmel story matters

The global pandemic in 2020-21 has affected every corner of the planet. We, here in Cartmel, have never been so connected to the world in experiencing, together with everyone else, the problems caused by Covid-19. Yet at the same time we have never been so cut off from family, friends and the normal experiences of holiday and travel.

We would like to hear from people in the village about their experiences in the last year. What have been the highs as well as the lows? How have you coped with issues around health, family, friends, leisure and time.

There is much to be impressed by. The resilience and ingenuity of local businesses, schools, the local surgery and many individuals. The exchange of cheery greetings when out walking; the care people have shown for each other.

There is a strong sense now of ‘hanging on in there’ waiting for the vaccine rollout to take effect, waiting for better weather and the easing of some restrictions. In one sense it has been the same for everyone, but we are all individuals with personal and interesting stories to tell. We would love to hear about and share some of those individual stories based on life in the unique community that is Cartmel.

It does not matter if you have a professional role, a business role, are retired or still at school. Your Cartmel story matters.

Please send your story to