Supporting people who are stressed and anxious

It’s very common for people to be feeling stressed and anxious at the moment – sometimes because of financial difficulties, sometimes because of the challenges caused by the lockdown restrictions, and sometimes just because it’s been a very odd few months. Once again, people often need a little reassurance that this is not unusual to feel like this at the moment and it’s OK to ask for help.

Many people may only need to talk about their worries with a family member, friend or someone they trust, and there is information on how to start these conversations in a later section.

However, a few people will need professional help, from voluntary sector organisations or the NHS, and there are links to some good sources of this support in the next section.

There are good sources of support: –

Togetherall is a service offering free online support to anyone aged 16 and over 24/7.

You just need a Cumbrian postcode to register.

It provides online peer-peer support, access to an anonymous community and lots of information, as well as courses and resources covering a range of mental health and wellbeing topics

Kooth is an online service for young people aged 11-18

Mindline Cumbria offers support and guidance about mental health over the phone, via text or email.

They will listen to your concerns and help to empower you to feel more in control of your mental health or support someone else.

There is more useful information from Every Life Matters: Including a Wellbeing and Mental Health Covid-19 booklet which is full of tips and links

If people need to talk to someone urgently the Samaritans are available 24/7 on 116 123

Encouraging people to talk about their worries.